Dave Wright
10/13/53 - 5/26/19
WEFT Blues Airshifter
Supporter of Blues Music and Blues Musicians everywhere!
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Dave Wright

Brandon Santini - 5/26/19 Facebook Post

The man knew SO much about blues music and was one of the greatest blues enthusiasts, supporters and friend to those around him.

Andrew Jr. Boy Jones - 5/26/19 Facebook Post

He was a true friend of the blues

Laura Rain - 5/26/19 Facebook Post

He was so passionate about people and music. One of the best ever. Always on your side.

Marty Mercer - 5/26/19 Facebook Post

An enormous supporter of all things Blues and was a walking encyclopedia of Blues musicians.

Ilana Katz Katz - 5/31/19 Facebook Post

Been feelin' very sad all week about the passing of Dave Wright wonderful human and blues deejay and friend to SOOO many. He came up to me on the streets in 2016, my first trip to Memphis during the IBCs (pic below) and told me: "I know about you." I had been sending dribs and drabs of busking money to the Killer Headstone Project which places headstones on the unmarked graves of Blues men and women and he was on the board. He took me under his wing, especially making sure I got to spend time with his dear pal Cash McCall who encouraged me a bunch after listening to my second record. I am ever grateful to Dave for all he did, for his passion for this music. Last saw him at Juke Joint fest this year, and grateful to Bob Paleczny for bringing him around to the festival... RIP Dave Wright, I'm sure he's enjoying his reunion with Cash and so many. His energy ripples eternal with all he set in motion. If anyone wants to know more about the Killer Headstone project, and wants to make a donation in his memory, (even a few dollars) I'm sure he would love that. Link is below to find out more about them, donate button is on the page... or just watch the video about them! Thanks to Aaron Pritchard and Steven Salter for your tireless work to place more than 104 headstones to honor the Blues musicians who really lived through unimaginable hardships. Sending you all <3 and Light and healing, ilana http://www.killerblues.net/

Ilana's Facebook Post

Tom Irwin - Illinois Times 5/30/19

Sadly, we start this week off with a death in our musical family, as Dave Wright, a lifelong supporter of roots music - and blues in particular - passed away on Sunday, May 26, after a battle with cancer. Originally from the Peoria area, Dave hosted a blues show on WEFT community radio in Champaign-Urbana for decades and basically was here, there and everywhere supporting blues artists, doing interviews, attending shows, exposing music on the radio and most importantly, being a good friend when you needed him the most. There will forever be a big hole in the hearts of those who knew him on whatever level. Rest in peace, Dave, and thanks for all you did to make this earth a better place while you were here. Now we’re off to experience what you loved and supported most, live music done well with heart.

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Dave was a true ambassador of the blues and a huge supporter of the Killer Blues Headstone Project. He will be greatly missed.